Corporate Interiors

Speed - and accuracy of course - is critical to corporate interior design. JFTE responds accordingly. Selected projects:

United Methodist Communications
Northern Telecom - NTI Floors
Northern Telecom - BNR Floors
Northern Telecom - Credit Union
Northern Telecom - Country Store
Northern Telecom - BNR Computer Room
Northern Telecom - BNR LAN/HUB and IDF
Northern Telecom - NTI LAN/HUB's
Northern Telecom - BNR - IDF Hub Rooms
Northern Telecom - BNR -2M Lab
Commonwealth - Caymen Island
Lighthouse Landing - Caymen Island
Bordentown Team Campus, Building B
Bordentown Team Campus, Building F S
Bordentown Team Campus, Building A
Bordentown Team Campus, Building A, Entry Canopy & 2nd Elevator Addition
Bordentown Team Campus, Buiding A, Elevator Addition
Bordentown Team Campus, Building F 3rd Floor
TI Semiconductor Auditorium
TI Floyd Road Cafeteria
VACR Office Finish-Out
Carrozza Investments - Office Building
Mary Kay - Southwest Branch
EDS Lab - Richardson, Texas
El Camino Resources
Children's Medical Office Center
FEC Electric
United Health Care Interior
General Motors Offices - Las Colinas
Costal Bend Restitution Center
Pacific Southwest Bank - Rockport, TX
Navy/Army Federal Credit Union
Frost Bank - Downtown - Corpus Christi, TX
Cole Park Amphitheater - Corpus Christi, TX
Spohn Office Annex
American Bank Offices - CC, TX
NAS Kingsville Bldg. 422 - Demo
NAS-K Bldg. 1770 (Air Ons Bldg)
La Armada II Renovations
La Armanda I Interior Renevation
Navarro Place Renevation
Navy Army Credit Union
Del Mar Baldwin Street
Time Warner Regional Offices
Doctors Regional Medical Center - Central Offices
Canyon Creek National Bank-Temperary Facility
Pogue Construction - Main Offices
Hilco Midlothian
Hendry Tenant Finishout
Telpar design build
Telpar Lewisville
EDS - West Expansion - Plano, TX
Herman Miller
Frankford trade Ctr. Bldg. #1
Frankford trade Ctr. Bldg. #9
Prime Equipment - Regional Offices
Trinity Mother Frances Southland Plaza
Sourcecorp, London, Kentucky
Compass Bank Corporate Funding
Compass Bank West 5th Street, Austin
Compass Denver Golden Triangle
Midwestern State Unv. Music Educ. Bldg
Midwestern State Unv. Akin Auditorium
Chillicothe ISD Offices
Sugar Creek Place
Las Cimas Office Building
Compass Denver Golden Triangle LEED
Compass Hartland Plaza, Austin
Compass Promenade Tower 4th Floor
Laredo US Attorney General Office
Compass Bank Museum Place, 2nd Floor Office, Fort Worth, TX
Compass Bank Museum Place, Training Room (across street), Fort Worth, TX
Compass Data Center, Tempe, Arizona
Cologix, Dallas, TX
Discovery Laboratories
Cologix Jacksonville, FL Data Center
Cologix Jacksonville, FL Data Center Phase II 8th Floor Study
St. Michaels 3rd Floor
Integris Site 1
Cologix Corporate Facility
COL III - Whole Sale Data Center
JAX2 Google
MMI/Beck/Cristus Chile Facility Assessments
MMI/Equinix Infomart OPS Infill
IDEXX Analyzer Installation, Dallas
IDEXX Lab Remodel, Dallas
MLE Warehouse to Office Converstion